Women Of Virtue

Women Of Virtue

Leader: First Lady Sabla Patterson-Sharpe

“Who can find a Virtuous Woman? For her worth is far above Rubies.”  Proverbs 31:10

Our Vision

“The Women of Virtue ministry was birthed through my life’s experiences. Many women go through turmoil and hardships that could lead to resentment, hurt and bitterness.

The Women of Virtue ministry will bring hope to broken women and give them purpose in life by bringing the undeniable truth of the Word of God to women to aid them to walk with integrity”.


  1. To make the Women of Virtue vision known by teaching and making it clear
  2. To have regular meetings and organize retreats and seminars that will help encourage, motivate and build confidence to the women
  3. To discuss different topics that affect women in their daily living such as singleness, dating, marriage life, work, family issue, how to handle finances, business, and health related issues
  4. Organize different activities like talk shows, workshops, outreaches, and many more
  5. To mentor young women to mature in the Lord, be skilful in all they do and be exemplary to their peers and relevant to their society
  6. To set aside time for prayer at least once every month
  7. To visit other women’s ministries
  8. To have one Friday in a month with young teenage girls – mother to daughter
  9. To raise role models, Mothers in Zion for the younger women in the church who will encourage and teach young women about issues of singleness, marriage, child bearing and family (Titus.2:4-5)

Long term goals

  1. To bring hope to the hopeless by reaching out to women in women’s refuges and prisons
  2. To set up “Stay and Play” centre for parents and carers in the community and to encourage young parents to have quality time with their children.