Rehoboth Children’s Home in Kenya

Rehoboth Children’s Home in Kenya


Rehoboth Children’s Home

$260 of $5,000 raised

Rehoboth Children's Home

$260 of $5,000 raised
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Leader: Pastor Joan Myers OBE

Rehoboth Children’s Home ministry, Nakuru in Kenya

In April 2002 I felt led by the Lord to bless a little girl who was in the crowds of people at an Open Air Meeting I was preaching at in Pondamali Market Square in Nakuru. The Lord stated that by blessing this one child I would be proving to everyone in the village that God loves them and cares for them all and that God will bless everyone through Sharon’s life. Therefore I enrolled her in Carol Academy the best Christian private school in the area, and began support her whole family. Her family consist of both her parents and 7 siblings. In November 2005 when I returned to Nakuru, Kenya on the Mission trip the Lord gave me the vision for setting up and establishing a Children’s Home in Kenya. The vision is to establish a home, for homeless children age 0-18 and to equip them for work and life through apprenticeship and links with local businesses. The aim of the Children’s Home is to reach out healing hands to the homeless, helpless and hungry. The objective is to provide a home to hurting children and to offer them harmony, healing and hope. The establishment of the home would enable the holistic care of homeless children’s spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs. The long term vision is to establish a school, church and health centre alongside the Home for the homeless.  I began fundraising and many people I have shared my vision with offer to do fundraising to raise finances to purchase a building and the land in Kenya. The main purpose of the vision is to the feed poor and needy and provide education for vulnerable and orphan children.

In May 2010 the mother of Sharon the little girl that I sponsored asked me if I could provide food for some of the children in the village that were orphan or whose parents can’t afford to feed them. Therefore I began sending money on a monthly basis to buy rice, maize, cooking oil and charcoal for Melda to cook and give to the children in the village. Today there are 25 children being fed and sponsored by friends and family who also pay for them to attend school in Nakuru Kenya. The generous regular giving of many is impacting many children’s lives that have ambitions to excel and do well.

In Kenya the charity is registered as Rehoboth Self-help project as there is not a home build as yet. There is fundraising for the building fund and there is money given monthly either to sponsor the 25 children to go to school or to buy the food for them.

One of my first Trustee’s Christine Wheatley is an avid fundraiser and has a passion for the children in Kenya. She came out to Kenya with me in May 2011 to meet the children. She has raised several thousand pounds towards the vision. We now travel together annually when she is able to.

My church Rehoboth International Christian Centre in Croydon has embraced the Vision for Rehoboth Children’s Home and the Pastor and Elders are also Trustee of the charity. So my charity is registered under the church’s charity no: 1003011 and has a separate account for the charity which is accounted for by the Charity Commissioners. Rehoboth means God has made room (Genesis 26:22) and the Lord is definitely making room for the children in Kenya.

Its approx £50 a term to pay for uniform, school fees and books required or £150 a year. It cost £10 a month to pay for food to feed a child. If you would like to donate directly to Rehoboth Children’s Home you can do so by bank transfer to Barclay’s Bank Account No: 53415163 Sort Code 202464, use your full name as reference so that it will be recognised on bank statement. Standing order mandate can be provided on request, a gift aid form can also be completed. All money donated will be used directly to pay for food and school fees. Unless instructed otherwise for the building. All donations will receive acknowledgement. Some people prefer to sponsor a specific child for school, if so they are regularly updated with school report and photos.

With much appreciation for all your support – Dr Joan Myers OBE

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