Rehoboth Bible School of Ministry

Rehoboth Bible School of Ministry

Leader: Pastor Sam Tkeyi-Berto & Minister Anthony Aflakpui

In 1995 the Lord impressed upon Senior Pastor Ian Patterson-Sharpe the idea to establish a Bible School; He did not know how this would be accomplished…however he had a burning desire in his heart to train leaders to serve their generation.

Within the space of a few weeks the vision strategy became clearer and he was able to write the vision and share it with the leadership at his Church. The leadership bought into the vision and since then many students have graduated from Rehoboth Bible School. They are now serving in varied ministry capacity’s in the Body of Christ both here in the UK and Overseas.

Whilst we have primarily served our local Church it was always his desire to have the school provide an accreditation for its students and also to open the doors of our teaching ministry to the wider Church Community.

The aim is not merely to produce a certificate to hang on the wall, but to encourage the student to strive for excellence in serving their local Church through a disciplined approach to the studying of the Word of God. Rehoboth has now partnered with Global Ministries Bible Institute led by Dr Leon Van Rooyen which provides the International Diploma Certificate upon successful completion.

The diploma program has been designed and written in such a way that it will help every Christian to become established on a strong foundation of faith while promoting maturity and development. Each subject will have the following important core values woven into its content:

1. A love for God.

2. A loyalty to the church.

3. A passion for souls.

4. Development of godly character.

5. Raising up a new generation of leaders.

The benefits of this training will be felt for years to come, both in the lives of the students as well as in the growth of the church. This is more than just theory.

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Rehoboth in partnership with GMBI exists because of the following mandates:

1. Christ’s Commission (Matt. 28:18-20)

…to teach and make disciples

2. To be equippers (Eph. 4:11-12)

…to equip the saints for the work of ministry

3. To mature the saints (Col. 1:28-29)

…to present every man complete (mature) in Christ.

The Importance of Operating a School of Ministry

All levels of understanding are accommodated through our systematic and detailed manuals.

The School of Ministry will allow the Pastor to utilize emerging teaching gifts. This will give these gifts an avenue of expression while the subject content is controlled  and  under the scrutiny of the leaders.

People at all levels are trained, from new believers up to those in leadership.

The School of Ministry is not just another Bible study but rather a time of training that can directly strengthen and enhance the local church.

The Benefits of Operating a School of Ministry

1. Future leaders are raised up in the Word, in the anointing, and in character.

2. Balanced doctrinal foundations are established in the church.

3. Servant-hearted people are produced, who can be trusted to serve in the different ministries and programs of the church.

The program consists of fifteen training manuals, each one covering a subject that will give students a balanced understanding of the Word as well as skills pertaining to their walk and ministry. The subjects are;

• Discovery

• Healing School

• Prayer School

• Evangelism I

• Principles of Faith

• Knowing God’s Will and Voice

• Christian Doctrine

• Christian Character

• Christian Stewardship

• The Glorious Church

• Theology and Life

• Christian Leadership I

• Christian Leadership II

• Evangelism II

• Christian Ministry

Duration of the Course

In order to complete all fifteen courses, the School of Ministry will operate for two years. This allows for taking the summer off, public holidays, and any special events that may conflict.