Mighty Men of Valour

Mighty Men of Valour

Leader: Richard Farr


Our vision places focus on the family, particularly the man who is the foundation and anchor around which God has anchored the family to hold it in place.


  1. To create a conducive environment and friendly settings that allows men to truly express themselves and to encourage them to get deeper in faith, drawing them into a deeper authentic level of intimacy with Christ Jesus
  2. To build a strong, genuine, trusting friendships amongst men, the youth through discipleship and comradery amongst brothers
  3. To deal with the barriers, hindrances and issues that affect men in their daily walk of faith and to encourage men to aspire to build strong Godly characters such as integrity, faithfulness, holiness, honesty, self discipline etc.
  4. Provide the platform, support network and the resources that allows men to develop themselves in the Word of God, being inspired by the Holy Spirit, equipping them to take up their God given leadership roles as leaders ,first, of themselves, their families, the church, workforce and the community as a whole.
  5. To develop men to become effective mentors and role models, impacting on the lives of young people providing them with guidance and sense of direction, living exemplary life of Christ. Bridging the gap and disconnect that exist between the generations
  6. Develop strategies and networks with the various ministries within the church and other men’s ministries in the body of Christ and where necessary provide essential resources and support that meet the needs of the community.