House of Prayer

Intercessors Leader: Lydia Johnson
“Prayer provides power, poise and peace for a personal and corporate plan of purpose and pursuits.

Intercessors Vision Statement

As intercessors, we are committed to seeking the father’s heart and rendering our hearts to do his will, his priorities will be established in us, and the lives of our loved ones, our communities, churches, cities and nations will be changed.


  1. Intercessors win souls through the word of God and with our testimonies
  2. Pray and work hand in hand to promote the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all that comes through RICC doors.
  3. By prayer and supplication we will engage to improve ourselves and the lives of our local community.
  4. Intercessors strive to recognise and respect diversity and differences between people and guard against any form of discrimination in the house of God
  5. Pray and intercede specifically for the church and the members focusing on The Vision of the House, The Senior Pastor, Elders, and all the Leaders in the ministry.
  6. Pray for the protection, covering and development of all the different ministries in the church. Praying for leaders across the nations in their pursuit to deliver the Gospel.
  7. Pray for the members and new believers that will come through the doors of RICC. Pray that God changes the heart of sinners turning their stony heart to a heart of flesh, To open their eyes, transform them from darkness to God’s light.
  8. Serve with heart of humility and integrity, being steadfast, and unmovable when going through trials and tribulation. Be as soldiers that are rooted and grounded [Eph 3v17-19 &Col 2v7]
  9. Not to be weary in well doing, but run to win, endure to the end with our integrity intact [Gal 6v9 & Isaiah 40v31]
  10. Seeking The Father’s heart at all time on every issue/matter that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention