We offer a range of different services…

Please see the below, for a comprehensive and detailed list of the services that we provide. For more information, please contact us.

Soup Kitchen

This is a time for those in the local Croydon community and other surrounding areas to join us for a hot bowl of soup accompanied with a warm, baked slice of bread or maybe even a cup of tea/coffee to tickle your fancy.

Food Bank

This is an opportunity for those who have a need for food items & necessities. This is a non-profit, charitable scheme that Rehoboth works in conjunction with specific supermarkets to help distribute non-perishable foods to the homeless, in need and hungry. Don’t feel ashamed to take advantage of this service; it’s available for a reason!

Clothes Bank

Clothes are donated by church members, the community, charities and surrounding churches. Constant items that are brought forward are: shoes, jumpers, scarfs & baby clothes. All of these submissions are in good shape & tact with a requirement to have either been never worn, worn a few times and thoroughly washed.

Baby Dedications

Here at RICC, we believe in dedicating a new born baby to God’s will, plan & service for their life. In this submission, we bless the child; their parents, God-parents and all those that will be called upon and have a hand in raising the child. As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Unlike Christenings, Baby Dedications are conducted by a minister, elder or Bishop in which they bless the child with anointing oil and proclaim a blessing over the child and their entire family.


Just like Jesus was baptised, we have been instructed to follow in His footsteps. We provide baptismal classes for those who wish to take this next step in their relationship and walk with God. It is important that each baptismal candidate know and understand the full extent & depth of what is to come during this journey. This is a beautiful decision to make, one of the most important ones a Christian will make within their lifetime and so once this decision has been voiced; it is our duty to express the excitement of the choice but also the importance of it.


For a small intimate gathering, RICC is a great building for this kind of occasion. Our Sanctuary seats up to 200 people comfortably and we have 2 more floors that hold up to 500 people together. These floors have a wheelchair-user friendly bathroom, baby changing facilities and a fully-fitted and equipped kitchen that can assist large functions. With a Bishop with a certified marriage licence, he will be able to conduct a marital service between you and your spouse, making your day as smooth as possible.


We have the right amount of space to hold a service for a funeral event and even a reception. It is possible to request a certain amount of space, music, order of service and facilitation to help make this day a memorable one. We recognise that death is inevitable but also the beauty in the celebration of one’s life after they have passed and the memories we should bask in & hold dearly now more than ever. As such, we want this day to be a day of great memories instead of deep sadness, grief & mourning.


This can be used for ceremonial activities, open mics or fundraising events. The Sanctuary seats up to 150 people and contains a sound booth, musical equipment, instruments, fully-functional heating & air-conditioning system as well as a TV screen, camera & live streaming facilities along with a disabled toilet.

The main function room holds the capacity of 250 people standing and up to 150 people seated. Graced with a fully equipped and adequate kitchen for those more demanding events. This floor has two separate toilets for the children and adults alike.

The meeting rooms are presented with table and chairs with a whiteboard on the adjacent wall. They hold the capacity of 50 seated and up to 100 people standing. Our building has 3 main meeting rooms that have been refurbished and adapted to suit the needs of visitors.

It is possible to use our back garden for party, BBQ or social gathering purposes. Our back lawn has a shed, a jerk drum and space for 75 people to stand comfortably. This is on concrete surface so may be unsuitable for young children without supervision but other than that, it is a great space for an intimate event.

  • Each floor has a fire exit leading to a staircase on the rear wall that leads to the building’s backyard.
  • For more information, please contact the Building Team on:

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Our Weekly Services

Bible Study every Tuesday @7:30pm

Bible School every Wednesday @7:30pm

Prayer Meeting every Friday @7:30pm

Sunday Service every Sunday @9am & 11am (unless on special occasions or announced otherwise)

[Please pay attention to the alert notices to find out which sessions are on breaks and the dates they resume].