Day 3 – Prayer & Fasting Blog (Don't Drop The Baton)

Scripture Readings: Hebrews12:1, 2, 14 &15

The Baton is something of worth that God has invested in you and I of which we are custodian and stewards.

What are the consequences of dropping the baton?

It gives room for the 5Ds to thrive:

1. Disqualification

2. Distrust

3. Disunity

4. Disharmony

5. Discouragement.

The entire team are penalised and suffers as a result.

Goals becomes harder to achieve.

How do we keep ourselves from dropping the baton?

Know your own race! It is your responsibility.!!

Acknowledge the baton is not yours to keep as a souvenir, it is meant to be be

passed on. 2Tim 2:2

Acknowledge no Ministry is trivial or insignificant ” . . .counting serving utensils”

1Chro 9:28

Be strategic and know when to release the baton.

Others rely on you not to drop the baton.

Encourage others as you cheer them on.

Be ready to give a helping hand to team members that are struggling, in distress,

weary or need a jump start.

What are the benefits of keeping the baton from dropping?

Blessings are released.

Nothing will be impossible and unachievable.

The team becomes a terror to the kingdom of darkness.

The team is not let down.

You get much more done if and when every team member pull their weight.

Heb 12:1 – Ask and receive the power to strip and throw aside every unnecessary weight and sin which cleverly clings to us and entangles us so that we may run our race without distractions in the mighty name of Jesus.
Heb 12:1 – Pray that the Lord will give us patience and endurance to run the race that is before us in Jesus name.
Heb 12:2 – Ask and receive the grace to look away from all that will bring distractions or cause us to loose focus in Jesus name.
Heb 12:14 – Pray for the outpouring of the grace to pursue consecration and holiness and the unction to strive to live in peace with everybody.
Heb12:15 – Ask and receive the ability to exercise foresight and be on the watch to see that no one in our teams fall back in Jesus’ name.
Heb12:15 – By the power of the Holy Spirit uproot every root of resentment, rancor, bitterness or hatred that may shoot forth and cause trouble, bitter torment or defilement or contamination of our teams.
I Kings 18:46 – In Jesus’ name ask and receive the anointing to overtake where we lag behind and declare we shall not drop the baton nor drop out of the heavenly race.
Phi 4:13 – Pray that we will finish whatever project we have started or aim to start because we have the grace to finish whatever we start in 2017 for we can do all things through Christ.
1Peter2:9; Rev5:10 – Father let Your greatness be seen in and through us this year 2017.

– Deconess Modupe Opaleye

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