They see me.

They see you.

It happens to the best of us.

No one is exempt from their grasp.

They will try any and everything.

They come late at night…

Early in the morning…

Or sometimes even as calm in the afternoon.

They don’t like to be assigned as a ‘He’ or ‘She’…

For they come in many shapes and sizes.

Taking on different forms specific to the individual they attack.

They have a name.

A collective body of sly, cunning thieves sanctified only to rob ones joy and peace of mind.

They are no respecter of persons.

They go by the name of…


Deception comes like a thief in the night.

It twists words; converting an obvious lie into the beautiful truth.

The lie becomes truth.

They tell you something you’d love to hear…

Your flesh grasps the possibility that what they’re saying is correct…

But really it isn’t.

Deception can paint something that is ‘dead’ and present it as ‘alive’.

Sometimes the thing that you love is ‘dead’.

Dead because it’s bad for you…

Dead because it’s something God has instructed you to not touch…

Something that is unclean and dangerous…

Something that God says “NO” to.

Yet it is sweet to you.

It’s your weakness; your temptation.

Sometimes what sweetens you is what’s most dangerous.

Everyone else can see the fault but you have been captured by sweet truthful lies and lyrics.

Your sight has now become impaired because of their rhymes and the satisfaction you find in mere ‘words’.

There’s no proof to what they say; there’s no evidence in the supposed ‘truth’ they so wonderfully describe.

It looks good, it feels good, it sounds good…

So it’s got to be good right?


That’s Deception.

Many people don’t see them…

Many people don’t escape their scheme.

The ability to discern deception; some don’t have.

Deception grows.

Deception doesn’t just come once.

It returns.

Deceptions grip and hold feeds off of a mans maturity in the Spirit and in Christ.

“Take heed that no man be deceived”

“Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life”

These are our instructions.

Like I said, the deceiver can appear to anyone.

But it’s up to You to not be ‘deceived’.